Bulk Water Supplier's Tips to Save the Environment

The world is becoming far savvier in understanding that we need to change our living habits to save the environment. As concerns in the press recently highlight issues with the current climate change there are going to be different areas in the world that will suffer from water stress it is more important than ever to understand how to conserve water. In the UK, if there is a shortage of water for any reason, then a bulk water supplier provides to the effected areas. Not all countries are so fortunate; here in this article we look at how to conserve your water in the home.

According to reports, 69 percent of water that is used within the home is used within the bathroom. The first problem that home owners have with water waste is the toilet. But then the other main culprit that uses up huge amounts of water is the shower. Do not be fooled into thinking that showers save water, there are some definite variables on this. If you like to indulge in rather long showers then your better off having a bath, but if you shower quickly then it is worth you showering than having a bath. A five minute shower will use about a third of the water of a bath.

Once in the shower there are small little tips you can follow to stop using lots of your water supply. A bulk water supplier advises showering with a friend, if you have easy going children or a willing partner then sharing a shower is definitely an efficient way of saving water. Once you are in the shower, when you shave your legs or are applying hair treatments then stop the water from running, you don't need it when doing these activities and it will save you water.

Another great tip to help you save on not only your bills but your water supply is to place a reusable bin in the shower with you. May sound a little mad but any water you collect you can then use to water the plants or for other tasks in the house such as mopping the floor. All of these tips are small and really will make no massive impact on your routine, but it will end up saving you money and help save the environment. Water should never be taken for granted and without it none of us would survive, so by saving water you really can help make a difference and offer a bulk water supplier service to countries that need it more than ours.

Dominic Donaldson is an expert in the environment.
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