Tips to Help Reduce Pollution in Your Home

Reducing pollution in our homes is in the interest of our family who spend their time there. The chemicals we use in our homes do seriously contaminate the air we breathe without our notice. Reducing our production of pollutants at home often demands a modest alteration in our lifestyle. In this article, we would be looking at 7 simple but very good tips that would help improve the quality of air we breathe at home.

    * Have good ventilation in all rooms, including the toilet and bathroom. Showering often vapourizes additives such as chlorine used in water treatment. This may lead to a build up of chlorine or even chlorofoam in the air.
    * Ensure most chemicals that give off vapour are store where they will not contaminate the air in the home. If possible, they should be stored away in detached store house or basement.
    * Wipe your feet before you step indoors. This can reduce the amount of lead in a typical carpet. It also cuts down on pesticides, some of which break down quickly in sunlight outdoor but may last for years in the carpets. A good vacuum cleaner, preferably one with a rotating brush, can also reduce pollution in carpets.
    * If you treat a room with pesticide, keep toys out of the room for at least two weeks. It has been discovered that certain plastics and foams used in toys can soak up pesticide residues like a sponge. The children are at the risk of absorbing the toxins through the skin and mouth.
    * Minimize your use of pesticides. Though they can effectively take care of pests, they are inimical to health.
    * Remove every flaking leaded paint from all surfaces, and repaint with unleaded paint. Do not allow children to play in dirty contaminated with lead paint.
    * If you suspect lead in plumbing, then flush cold water from the tap briefly until there is a noticeable change in temperature. Do not drink water from the hot water tap.

These tips would help make the air in your home healthier for you and your family. Wishing you the best of healthy home environment.

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