EPA's New RE-Powering America Electronic Decision Tree Tool

​EPA's RE-Powering America's Land Initiative is pleased to announce its release of an Electronic Decision Tree tool to help communities, local governments, site owners and other stakeholders explore the feasibility of solar or wind energy on formerly contaminated properties and underutilized sites.

The electronic decision tree is a downloadable computer application that
- Explores potentially contaminated sites (e.g., brownfields, RCRA permitted, Superfund sites), landfills, and underutilized sites and rooftops

- Walks users through a series of Yes / No / Skip questions supplemented by tips and links to relevant tools and information resources

- Screens for site characteristics, redevelopment considerations, criteria specific to landfills and contaminated sites, energy load, policies and financial considerations ; and

- Generates reports of the screening results and user annotations that can be printed and/or copied into another document

The tool is not only a screening tool but also offers context specific information regarding the various considerations that go into such screening.The decision tree tool is intended to engage non-experts in renewable energy to screen potentially contaminated or underutilized sites or landfills for whether they are good candidates for solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind projects.It is built so that experienced professionals can quickly navigate through the decision tree, and less experienced stakeholders can access additional information as they make their way through the questions.The tool is not intended to replace or substitute the need for a detailed site-specific assessment that would follow this kind of initial screening.

For additional information, please visithttp://www2.epa.gov/re-powering/re-powerings-electronic-decision-tree

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